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Melanie Brandt

Teaching Associate Professor and Director of McBride

Melanie BrandtMelanie Brandt received her MA in Humanities from CU Denver. For her thesis, she investigated the power of humor in forming identities and effecting political and social change. Her work necessitated multidisciplinary research and study thereby creating a platform for understanding the fundamental elements of learning and communication that can be applied to many academic disciplines. Melanie earned her bachelor’s degree in Literature and graduated summa cum laude. She is interested in combining the humanities and STEM fields of study in innovative ways that bolster both.

Melanie has taught a variety of writing, film, and literature classes. Furthermore, she has taught in Mines’ Design EPICS program since 2011. This spring she will be teaching one section of NHV and oral communications, along with one section of EPICS.


The Honors House, 1700 Illinois Street