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Ellie Andrews

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Critical Environments Lab, Department of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Eleanor (Ellie) Andrews earned a MS in Geography from Penn State (2012) and a PhD in Development Sociology from Cornell (2020). She is a political ecologist and asker of too many questions. Her dissertation addressed politics around beekeeping and biosecurity; related publications include “To save the bees or not to save the bees? Honey bee health in the Anthropocene.” She has taught at large research institutions, a small liberal arts college, two maximum-security prisons, a Quaker high school, and an after-school center in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. She is now conducting research as a postdoc with Adrianne Kroepsch on how dam operators plan to manage reservoirs if/when water levels fall too low to produce hydropower.

Curriculum Vitae