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Allyce Horan

Teaching Associate Professor & Writing Center Director

­Allyce Horan is a Teaching Associate Professor in HASS and the Director of the Writing Center. She joined Mines in 2013. Allyce’s interdisciplinary background includes a B.A. in History & French, an M.A. in History, and certification in TEFL from Florida State University and certification in French from L’Institut Catholique de Paris. Allyce’s research has focused on understanding how literature, law, and language shaped 18th-century France’s perception of family, citizenship, and class. Allyce was the 2022 recipient of the W.M. Keck Mentorship Award for her work with graduate students and a 2022 recipient of the Campus Partner Award for her writing center work with the Multicultural Engineering Program. Allyce’s current research projects include understanding how individual STEM disciplines discuss and categorize concepts of “good” writing, methods to cultivate community for STEM graduate students, and writing across the curriculum. Allyce has published and presented her work at the American Society for Engineering Education, the Council of Writing Program Administrators, and the International Writing Center Association.  


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