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COVID Chronicles
Living Through a Crisis

Engineering, science, economics and policy students
at Colorado School of Mines share their stories

Submit Your Work

General Guidelines

COVID Chronicles accepts personal reflections in the form of narratives, poetry, videos, and photographs. Tell us, show us, collect or compile for us any narrative that is focused and based upon your personal experiences living through this COVID crisis.  Any art or work you send us must be your own or you must have approval for all those involved.


  1. Only current or recently graduated Mines students may submit to the blog.
  2. Submissions should be ~50-1,000 words.
  3. All work must be original and personal to you. No political rants, please.
  4. Authors are responsible for their own copyediting.
  5. If it is a recording (of a poetry reading, play, narrative, etc.), send us a link we can embed into the submission as well as 50+ words on how your submission relates to the COVID crisis.
  6. Visual art or photographs should be accompanied by 50+ words on how the work relates to the COVID crisis. We welcome all forms of visual art, including informal snapshots, images of sculptures, comics, etc.
  7. Keep in mind that by publishing to our website, many (but not all) magazines and publishers will consider your work ‘previously published’ which may limit your ability to then send it to other venues (but High Grade is always happy to see your work too). If we publish your work, the rights to it immediately revert back to your and all authors/artists retain copyright.
  8. The following guidelines make for good blog entries:
    1. Include at least one visual:  photograph, chart, map, etc. These can be original or from the internet but make sure you have permission to use the material. Places to find free images: Wikipedia.com (all images are free), Unsplash.com (free high-quality photographs from individual artists), government sites (most images are free), Adobe stock and similar sites (some are free), and University of Texas for maps.
    2. Paragraphs should be 2-3 sentences. This makes it easier to read online.
    3. Use plenty of headings to divide up the narrative. Put these in bold.
    4. For good examples of the general look (not content), see themonkeycage.org.
  9. If you are unsure whether your work is an appropriate submission, go ahead and submit it and we will let you know.

Contact:  For questions, contact one of our faculty reviewers: