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Sandy (Sandra) Woodson

Teaching Professor & Department Head, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences


Sandy WoodsonSandy Woodson has taught ethics, environmental ethics and writing at the Colorado School of Mines since 1999, and serves as the Department Head for Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences. She is Director of the Ethics Across Campus Program, and she coaches the Mines Ethics Bowl Team. She earned an MA in Environmental Ethics from Colorado State University, where her research focused on Hindu metaphysics as a grounding for environmental ethics. She also earned an MFA in Creative Writing—Nonfiction—from the University of Montana. Her research interests include ethics pedagogy and curricular design, and her very favorite thing is coaching the Mines Ethics Bowl Team.

Curriculum Vitae


Courses Taught

  • HASS 100 Nature and Human Values
  • HASS 220 Introduction to Philosophy
  • HASS 320 Ethics
  • HASS 421 Environmental Philosophy
  • HASS 101 Nature and Human Values Short Form
  • HASS 198 Ethics Bowl
  • HASS 421/521 Environmental Philosophy and Public Policy
  • HASS 399/499 Independent Study in Philosophy (e.g., Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Science)
  • HNRS 430 Explorations in Ideas, Ethics and Religion
  • HNRS 430 Senior Seminar in Science, Technology and Ethics
  • CSM 100 Freshman Success Seminar
  • Co-taught CEEN330 Environmental Engineering (Field Session)
  • Co-taught EPICS251 Engineering Practices Introductory Course Sequence


Stratton Hall 302/303