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Meet the Current NREP Students


Undergraduate Degree: Bsc Administration (Finance)

  • My career goal is to assume a role which allows me to bring my expertise to the oil industry in terms of practical recommendations in our environmentally sensitive generation.
  • I have worked with the National Petroleum Authority briefly where I have coordinated with colleagues and welcomed constructive criticism for areas that needed improvement.





Undergraduate Degree: Double Major in Political Science and International Studies with a focus on Peace, Human Rights, and Security

  • With the knowledge and skills I acquire from the NREP program, I hope to one day translate them into real-world solutions for the Kurdish people of which I belong. I wish to contribute in any small way I can to mitigate the effects of global climate change in the decades to come and be a future leader in helping to shape energy policy in this country.
  • Prior to joining the NREP program, I had a variety of different jobs in different fields. For four years, I was working at Ameristar Casinos as a cashier, a brush, floor supervisor, and finally as a poker dealer. My most recent job was working at Vestas Blades in Brighton production side. I was on a team that was making wind turbine blades from scratch and it is here that I gained a passion for renewable energy. 





Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Geological Engineering and Professional Masters in Mineral Exploration

  • Post-NREP, I plan to continue pursuing a career in academia. My research interests are broadly related to the connections between ethics, social conflicts, geopolitics and natural resources. The next step is to pursue a Ph.D. at CSM in either Earth Resources Development Engineering or Operations Research. I also hope to have a family of my own with my husband and to continue running, cycling, and travel.





      Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Geography, Public Policy, and Spanish from Syracuse University

  • 6 years with ICF (Washington DC & Denver), 2 years with Student Conservation Association’s Green Cities Corps (Pittsburgh)
  • Post-NREP, looking for opportunities to quicken the energy transition safely, affordably and equitably. furthering modeling and quantitative analysis skills in the context of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and environmental justice
  • My interests overlap with many Coloradans: avid biker, outdoor enthusiast, and general travel junkie. I’m also a bit of a roller coaster nut and will watch/play almost any sport under the sun. I enjoy activities that keep me active and build bonds with people and places.




Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

  • Post-NREP, I aspire to have a career involving renewable and clean energies







Undergraduate Degree: B.A. and M.A. in Public Administration

  • Post-NREP, looking to continue to work in the energy industry with an eye on management and/or advanced energy and resource planning; CCS.
  • Prior to NREP, I worked in politics, oil and gas, a renewable IPP and currently an electric and gas utility.






Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Economics / Environmental Studies

  • Post-NREP, I would like to be involved with renewable energy development in under-resourced communities– tribal nations in particular. I’m also very interested in other areas of renewable energy development, energy policy, water resource issues, and battery supply chains.
  • I have spent most of my career working in construction and industrial occupations including environmental remediation, excavation, welding/fabrication, and general construction. During the last few years. I’ve operated as a contractor specializing in small, renewable energy applications (hydro and solar, primarily)and water management applications (intake screens, solar and kinetic pumping, irrigation piping).