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Meet the Current NREP Students



Degrees: BSc. Administration (Finance), University of Ghana 2016

Master of Business Administration, University of South Wales 2019

Natural Resources and Energy Policy M.S. December,2020

Interests: Energy markets, finance in energy , energy transition, hazardous site remediation, energy policy, risk assessment, social responsibility

Career goals: I am interested in Environmental risk assessment of natural resource mining

Personal Interests: Traveling, photography, tubing



Degrees: Double Major in Political Science and International Studies with a focus on Peace, Human Rights, and Security

Career goals: With the knowledge and skills I acquire from the NREP program, I hope to one day translate them into real-world solutions for the Kurdish people of which I belong. I wish to contribute in any small way I can to mitigate the effects of global climate change in the decades to come and be a future leader in helping to shape energy policy in this country.

Experience: Prior to joining the NREP program, I had a variety of different jobs in different fields. For four years, I was working at Ameristar Casinos as a cashier, a brush, floor supervisor, and finally as a poker dealer. My most recent job was working at Vestas Blades in Brighton production side. I was on a team that was making wind turbine blades from scratch and it is here that I gained a passion for renewable energy. 




Degree: B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science from the University of Michigan, 2019

Interests: Water resource management, hydrologic science and engineering, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), water policy, renewable energy systems

Career Goals: I would like to hold a career involved in water resource management with a focus on developing nations. Ideally, I would like to do something that has a balance between hydrology/engineering and policy/management strategies.  I am also considering earning a PhD and a career in academia.

Personal interests: Traveling, outdoor activities (kayaking, hiking, camping), cooking




Degree: Economics and International Affairs (B.A.), St. Edward’s University, 2015

Interests: Sustainability of extractive resources, emerging materials science, water, exploration, OTEC and the EOS of alternative energies, environmental justice, pan-cultural economic communication and exchange, risk management

Work Experience: A decade in military intelligence supporting conventional forces, special operations, and other agencies in several developing areas, experiencing the effect of resource competition on local populations. Years contracting with US government agencies.

Career Goals: I’m excited to participate in environmental and social risk management, specifically as it relates to water rights, space resources, and emerging materials or technologies.

Personal interests: Dogs in general, hiking, climbing, running, writing, SCUBA, and sky diving


Degree: Political Science (BA), St. Edward’s University, 2019.

Interests: International energy policy, sustainable finance and investment, energy markets, social responsibility, environmental justice, risk management.

Career Goals: I would like to hold a stake in the energy market, involved with policy relating to transitioning from oil to electric vehicles, specifically acquiring the minerals necessary to constructing consumer batteries.

Personal interests: Hiking, rock climbing, running, ziplining, skydiving, skiing, snowboarding, backpacking, camping, reading, writing, photography, watching college football (Hook ‘Em!).




Degrees: Physics (BS), Colorado State University, 2013. Materials Science (PhD), Colorado School of Mines (expected 2021).

Interests: Renewable energy, energy policy, environmental justice

Career Goals: Once I finish my PhD and the NREP certificate, I’d like to work with the private sector to streamline the adoption of renewable and more efficient energy

Work experience: Metrology Engineer at Station Solar; CSO and cofounder of Photovoltaic Imaging Systems

Personal interests:  Hiking, camping, painting


Degrees: B.A. in Geography, Public Policy, and Spanish from Syracuse University

Work experience:  6 years with ICF (Washington DC & Denver), 2 years with Student Conservation Association’s Green Cities Corps (Pittsburgh)

Career goals: Post-NREP, looking for opportunities to quicken the energy transition safely, affordably and equitably. furthering modeling and quantitative analysis skills in the context of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and environmental justice

Interests: My interests overlap with many Coloradans: avid biker, outdoor enthusiast, and general travel junkie. I’m also a bit of a roller coaster nut and will watch/play almost any sport under the sun. I enjoy activities that keep me active and build bonds with people and places.




Degree: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (AB), Brown University, 2020

Interests: Sustainability, energy politics, environmental law, and environmental ethics

Career Goals: I would like to pursue a career in corporate social responsibility focusing on the use of natural resources.

Work Experience: Administrative Assistant at Beat the Streets Providence (July 2019-March 2020): Responsible for online document processing, managing tax exempt features of social media as well as other online platforms, grant writing, and planning of online meetings.

Personal interests: Fishing, backpacking, hiking, and fitness; on the Mines wrestling team



Degree: Biological Sciences (B.S.), University of Colorado Denver, 2019

Interests: Environmental justice, risk management, renewable energy policy, and water resource issues and geopolitics

Career Goals: I aim to pursue a career involved with advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy policy.

Personal interests: My personal interests vary from enjoying the outdoors (hiking and camping), to traveling and reading non-fiction books. Living in Colorado has given me the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views of the Rocky Mountains. I am always enthusiastic to explore new areas.


Degree: BA in International & Global Studies, Sewanee: The University of the South, 2015

Experience: Community & project outreach specialist for Williams, policy analyst at the Colorado State Senate and statewide field director at Stapleton For Colorado.

Interests: Energy & water management policy

Career Goals: I wish to support implementing sound energy policy to help our state and country achieve a sustainable and affordable clean energy future.

Personal interests:  When I’m not working, I like to escape Denver to enjoy some fly fishing on one of our State’s many streams and rivers.


Degree: B.S. in Corporate Communications, The University of Texas at Austin, 2013

Interests: Global energy markets; water management; nuclear energy; environmental law; the energy crisis; legislation, regulation, and supply & demand of energy; electric grid and transmission security

Career Goals: I plan to use my seven years of experience in oil & gas and utility operations to help the energy  transition occur safely and responsibly while considering the social and economic impacts on a global scale.

Relevant Work Experience: May 2013-December 2019: Worked offshore on a drill ship as a Logistics Coordinator/ Rig Administrator/ Radio Operator. Currently, Sr. Project Coordinator for Xcel Energy focusing on process improvement projects surrounding Xcel’s Transmission Engineering Operations in Colorado.

Personal Interests: Hiking & backpacking, gardening & houseplants, yoga, traveling, friends & family


Degrees: Economics (AB) and Environmental Studies (AB), Brown University, 2020

Interests: Water, water rights, sustainable investment, clean energy markets, rural energy transitions, power trading, social responsibility, environmental justice, risk management

Career Goals: Energy trading, specifically the role of risk and policy. 

Personal interests:  Hiking, trail running, writing/blogging, and coffee (I work at Golden’s Windy Saddle Café so come visit me!)




Degree: Environmental Studies (BA), Allegheny College, 2018

Interests: Environmental sustainability, natural resource protection, local communities & environmental policy, economic vs environmental impacts, U.S. water policy

Career Goals: I would love to be able to work for a local environmental advocacy organization, where I can design successful policy practices to improve local communities and protect natural resources.

Work Experience: Integrated Pest Management Intern II, City of Westminster, 2019-2020

Land Conservation Corps member, Mile High Youth Corps, 2018

Personal interests: Working out, drawing, printmaking, enjoying the outdoors


Degree: Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines 2020

Interests: Hydroelectric Power, Sustainable Energy, Dams, Hydraulics

Career Goals: I would like to work with the hydroelectric side of dams in a position that will allow me to push for more use of hydroelectric power in the U.S.

Personal interests:  Being outdoors, rugby, swimming





Degree: B.A. in Economics / Environmental Studies, Western State Colorado University, 2015

Work experience: I have spent most of my career working in construction and industrial occupations including environmental remediation, excavation, welding/fabrication, and general construction. During the last few years. I’ve operated as a contractor specializing in small, renewable energy applications (hydro and solar, primarily)and water management applications (intake screens, solar and kinetic pumping, irrigation piping).  

Career goals: Post-NREP, I would like to be involved with renewable energy development in under-resourced communities– tribal nations in particular. I’m also very interested in other areas of renewable energy development, energy policy, water resource issues, and battery supply chains.


Degrees: Mathematics DwD (AS), Red Rocks Community College, 2016; Environmental Engineering (BS), Colorado School of Mines, 2020

Interests: International Policy, Global Affairs, Water and Land Quality, Public Health and Safety, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Risk Management

Work experience: Chemistry Lab Assistant, Red Rocks Community College, 2017; Brand Ambassador, Creative Logic Marketing and Consulting, 2014-Present

Career Goals: Post-NREP, I am interested in earning a career involved with sustainable development in small regions of the world through project management and environmental consulting.

Personal interests: Astronomy/Space research, backpacking/hiking, the practice of yoga and traveling


Degrees: BS Geology, University of Cincinnati, 1993 and MS Geology, Colorado School of Mines, 1999

Career to Date: I have enjoyed a 20-plus year career with public and private companies, exploring for and developing conventional & unconventional hydrocarbon in the Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent regions of the US.  

Current Interests: energy transition, the role of public policy in energy transition, financing sustainable energy innovation, water law, wildlife conservation.

Future Goals: I look forward to helping formulate economically feasible energy policies to facilitate an orderly transition from fossil fuels to carbon-neutral energy sources.

Personal interests:  hiking in the mountains, trail running, the deliberate search for the perfect cup of coffee.


Degree: Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability (BS), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2017

Interests: Energy Security, Transitional Energy, Natural Resource Policy, Renewable Energy Competitiveness, Nuclear Power

Work Experience: Illinois Natural History Survey Restoration Technician, Champaign County Forest Preserve Naturalist, Student Conservation Association Trail Crew

Career Goals: Post NREP I would like to work with companies to diversify their energy portfolios utilizing current policy and market opportunities

Personal Interests: Climbing, Wild Plant and Mushroom Foraging, Hiking